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Mahatma Gandhi Can Help You Get More Listings

Gotta love being a listing agent!  We’re listing a significant two unit building here in San Francisco and the developer and the stager are having a huge fight about access and completion dates.  And guess who the referee is?

And I love real estate.  I love helping sellers.  I love being in service to my sellers.

Mahatma Gandhi says, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I really believe if you tackle this role as a listing agent from the standpoint of helping and being in the service of your sellers, not only will you be a huge success in your listing business, but you’ll love your work.

And at the risk of getting metaphysical and all “airy-fairy” on you, I believe this quote means that if you’re searching for the meaning of life, you will find it by helping other people. 

When you become so involved in helping your sellers, you lose sight of your own petty problems, the things that you think define you, and your true self will be revealed to you.

I know it sounds so simplistic.  

Can you imagine if you adopt this as one of your mantras?

I believe you would make more money.

Have more joy.

Have more personal satisfaction.

And bring more happiness to the world.

Ok, introspective email done.

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