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Make Sure You’re Calling These Bad Boys to Get FREE Listings!

Back in the saddle after a great visit with my parents in Detroit.  Super fun weekend, great to reconnect with the family.

And now its back to reconnecting with my prospecting.  I know it’s hard to believe, but I didn’t work at all when I was with my parents.   Ha!

So now I am back catching up on my SOI calls and my expired calls and I was just reminded of the importance of calling OLD expireds.

Most Epic listing agents that decide to work expired listings concentrate on the most recent expireds.

But the old expired listings are something that shouldn’t be ignored.

I typically call my new expireds first, calling them at least 5 times during the course of the week every morning.

If I can’t reach them after 5 times, I put them into a folder called “old expireds” and I call them once a week.

And what a lot of listing agents don’t realize is that these old expireds, who you know have selling on the brain, could very easily decide to sell again in one month, six months, one year or three years.

So as part of your calling regiment, don’t neglect old expireds.  Just this morning I called one and they were very receptive to meeting with me (couldn’t book the appointment though).  After about 14 months since they were expired, they are thinking about putting it back on the market.

You can bet I will be all over them in the coming days.

So remember these bad boys called “old expireds”. 

They are definitely worth the call and could be a great source for new listings for your inventory.

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