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Massage Your Past Clients For Listings

Just received a super cool listing from a past client referral which really emphasizes one salient fact if you’re going to be an Agent Unleashed.

Massaging your past clients is key! 

And no, not that type of massaging you silly cat (although that is where my mind would have gone).

I am talking about constantly contacting your past clients and asking them for referrals.

This particular client moved out of San Francisco, my marketplace, but I still called him, emailed him, sent him hand notes and stayed in touch every 3-4 months.


Hit me up here if you wanna know what I say when calling my past clients!


And guess what?  He never replied to ANY of those communications.  Not one.

Nonetheless, I continued to call, continued to write and continued to leave messages.

This has happened to me countless times where a past client hasn’t responded to any of my messages and then BAM, they call me with a referral 12 years later.

And this particular client didn’t even call me, they just told their niece about me and she called me with a referral to her 92-year-old Aunt’s house.

So, keep contacting your SOI and your past clients.  Just because you don’t hear from them, you are keeping your name and the word “real estate” in the forefront of their mind and that, my friends, is how you get referrals.

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