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More Listings Will Come Faster If You Take This Sojourn

Super excited to be taking time off for my first official vacation in years starting tomorrow (going to Panama last week was anything but a vacation!).  We are going on a cruise of the Northern Baltic Sea including Stockholm, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg.  Can’t wait!

And I also can’t wait to just disconnect.

It’s been a long time to just get off the radar and to think.

Think about where you’re at in your business.  Where you are in your life.  Where you want to be and where you want to go.

If you want more listings in your business or more health or more joy, we have to take the time in our lives to reflect/meditate on the what/why/how/when of your dreams and goals.

It’s through these moments of quiet and solitude that we gain clarity, strength and motivation.

I used to always take at least one day off a week, totally disconnected from the business, the emails and phone.

But then I stopped for some reason. 

But no more.

So find someone to watch your business for at least one day a week.  Take a weekend off at least once a quarter.  And take more time off if you can.

I always come back from these personal sojourns a new person.

Find your new person and become UNLEASHED. 

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