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How Much BS Will You Take from a Seller?

Just saw the movie “Game Night” with Jason Bateman.  It was very funny and was about a murder mystery game night where you don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.  Sort of like the same problem with some our clients have, no?

So I just had 2 interesting encounters with the same seller.  From an expired call last week, this seller from South Africa has a house here in San Francisco and needs to sell it.  And he’s a complete pain in the ass.  Nothing is ever good enough for him.

I did one listing presentation over Skype and he wanted more info on how I was going to appeal to the international buyer.  This is because he thinks his house is architecturally significant.

It’s not.

It’s so unique, it’s ugly.

We are members of Luxury Portfolio International I tell him.  I tell him all the other ways we can expose his dump to the world.

He’s not happy.

“Go away and come back with more”, he says.

I come back with more information on marketing his “unique” property to the world.  Although he says he wants me to list it, after a 45-minute conversation, he’s still unhappy with my presentation.  He wants more info.

(Warning warning Will Rogers!!!)

I just know that this seller is a pain in the ass and will be on an ongoing basis.

I politely told him what to do with his “unique” house.  Bam!

Life is too short to work with buttheads.  My clients like working with me and we have fun.  People like Mr. South Africa need to get a life.   They are controlling and manipulative. 

Papa doesn’t do controlling and manipulative.

So onwards and upwards.  I think I just dodged a bullet on this one!

So don’t take BS from insecure controlling sellers.  They will just suck your energy dry. 

Save your time for the sellers that are fun and reasonable and listen to you.

Life is too short.

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