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As pointed out in my book, “Massive Abundance” and “Creating Your Dream Business”, no one does anything successful alone. All of us crazy cats need support to jumpstart our efforts. The real magic in all businesses, ESPECIALLY REAL ESTATE BUSINESSES, happens when you’re associating and mixing with the right people. And guess what? I am the right people! You can tap into my brain, the same brain that has consulted and interviewed hundreds of Treps (i.e., entrepreneurs) in the past 20+ years that have created amazing businesses and lives (including real estate businesses). The same brain that has consulted with hundreds of Treps as a C.P.A. working for PriceWaterHouseCoopers. The same brain that has written books on the subject, created advising programs online and real time and has made over $10,000,000 doing what makes him “jiggy”.

No fluffy white bunnies

And we’re not talking about fluffy white bunnies here (as my buddy David Siteman Garland says); we’re talking about walking away with real hard-core specific strategies, tactics, actions steps, priorities and a die-hard purpose in your real estate business and your life.

Dominate your life

Do you need some additional help or some one-on-one time figuring out how to dominate your market and make your real estate business rock? Do you have the right mindset? Do you have the right principles in place to make sure your real estate business and your life is going to be successful?

A partial list of the guidance you may need:

  • Starting your own real estate business (the right way!) or how to fine-tune your current real estate business.

  • Understanding the skills you need and what you don’t need to worry about in your business.

  • Figuring out what your target market is and how to position yourself accordingly.

  • How to develop your business and marketing strategy so that it makes sense with your personal life, your passions and has the ability to make you some major cash.

  • How to master your mindset so that it doesn’t master you.

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My Crazy Schedule

Hey my peeps, I would love to work with everyone one-on-one, but my schedule doesn’t permit it all the time. And my family would kill me. So make sure your check out my products  since that would be a great start for you. I do take on limited clients based on my schedule in one of two ways, based on my time constraints:

1.One-On-One Strategy Session – $500/Hour

Using GoToMeeting conferencing, which includes video conferencing, hosted by moi, we will really get into the nitty-gritty of whatever you want to go over. Strategy, brainstorming, particular problem, anything you want, just not any issues about your sex life or mean children. To better serve you, this will include a pre-call email session to further refine your reason for the call. To schedule, fill out the form below.

2. Special VIP Day With Chris In San Francisco – $5,000

The City by the Bay, San Francisco! Come to San Francisco and meet with me for a VIP experience like no other. This includes a full day with humble ‘ole Chris in his very cool downtown office which also includes a luxury hotel room, dinner with me and a lot more goodies. These days are extremely limited. To schedule, fill out the form below.

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