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My Mother Told Me I Didn’t Have Standards!

When I was growing up as a teenager, my Mother told me I had no standards when I was dating girls.  Can you believe she said that to me?  Ok, I may have dated some girls with loose morals, but hell, we were kids.  Oy vey!

What I do know now is that having standards as a listing agent is KEY!

Especially minimum standards.

There is no easier way in my book to become really good at prospecting for new listings than to establish a minimum standard or goal you will do every day Monday to Friday for marketing to get new listings.

I am talking about this all the time in the Collective.  Establishing a minimum standard you HAVE to do every day. 

I don’t care if the dog dies, your wife leaves you, if your house burns down or your daughter gets pregnant…….you HAVE to do this one thing every day.

And listen, I get it, sometimes it’s hard to do. 

But if you make your min standard SO small to start out with, and you keep doing it, you will get comfortable and confident in doing it and you’ll want to do more.

So whether you’re calling expireds, calling you SOI or doing videos or Facebook marketing, set a minimum you will do every day.

Maybe it’s just making 2 calls every morning?  Or writing one blog item every day?  Whatever it is, keep it small, keep doing it and BAM, you’re on your way!

I started out doing expired calling for just 20 minutes every morning.  And that gradually turned into me doing all my prospecting in 2 to 2.5 hours a day which I still do to this day.

Make it small, make it fun and turn that bad boy into a habit and lo and behold, you’ll have standards too!

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