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Nasty Gossip Can Get You Listings?

Just sold a condo in San Francisco that was listed at $1,050,000 and had 11 offers and the highest offer was $1,500,000.  Crazy market here in the City!  This is basically due to a severe lack of inventory.  All the more reason to go and get those listings!

One comment I get a lot is that I call my clients in my SOI a lot (4x a year).  That I call my listing leads a lot (1x a month).  I don’t think that is a lot, but I do have a tip for you when calling people to get listings.

Give them some valuable info.

Don’t just call and say, “Do you know anyone who is selling?”  I mean, that is sort of curt.

I call people and start off by establishing rapport, asking them how they are doing, how is the family, anything going on with their lives?

Then I usually bring up something real estate related like the condo on Jersey Street I just sold and how high it went.

Call people and offer some news, some gossip about the marketplace, some advice for their homes, etc.  You get the idea.  And no, it doesn’t have to be nasty gossip, because who, eh em, likes listening to that?

Epic listing agents always tie the reason they’re contacting people in with providing some type of value at the same time.

Always come from a mindset of contribution.

Most agents just ram “their” agenda down the prospect’s throat. 

Don’t be that guy.

This makes calls more fun.

You feel better about providing value.

It’s easier to make calls.

And you know it’s the right thing to do.

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