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Niche Down To Get YOUR Best New Listings

“He who embraces too much, has a weak grasp” – Catalan saying

One of the things I did wrong in my listing career was to not specialize or niche down.  I have said this before that I wish I would have niched down in the San Francisco market.

But no, I wanted all business from wherever it came from.  I have said in the past, my Mother called me a listing whore (seriously).

I should have picked one area of the City or one type of property to really specialize in.

If one’s energy, efforts and focus are too diffused, you’ll be inefficient, unable to add value to your clients and customers. 

Whatever your preferred flavor, agents need to focus and be the expert and advisor on an area (neighborhood), type of client or form of property. 

When meeting with agents who are struggling, the first question I ask is:  “What is your focus?”.  Typically, the response is something like:  “I go where my clients go”, or ”wherever I can make a deal”. 

This is a reactive versus a proactive sales strategy.  They’re at the mercy of the whims of the marketplace. 

An agent needs an anchor and a plan.

It’s critical to know yourself, both where you excel and what you enjoy doing. 

How do you find your place?  I suggest beginning by listening to your inner voice.  This is your authentic self speaking to you. 

While doing your daily real estate sales and marketing routine, this inner voice may already be suggesting that it finds a certain area, type of property, price range, or team appealing.  

This is a time to listen to yourself. 

Become aware of the message, it’s critical to your success.  The universe is speaking and perhaps you’ve been focused on the wrong thing, or the monkey mind chatter is distracting you from your true nature. 

Almost every Epic listing agent will tell you that if you follow your instincts and your interests and do a good job at it, the money will follow.   

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