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No Doubt, This System Will Get You More Listings

Hope you had a great week, and hope you were super productive now that the Labor Day holiday is over.  I’ve been jamming on my CRM (customer relationship management) system this week calling my past clients and friends for referrals.  With over 3,000 people in my CRM, I’m so happy that I have a system to remind who to call when.

Do you have a robust CRM? 

I just read that the NAR said that only 1 in 3 real estate agents have a CRM system.  That means 2/3 of agents have no CRM?  Astounding!

Unleashed listing agents use a CRM.

It’s imperative.

How can we keep track of all the leads we are generating without one?

I just called a women who told me to call her in one year and she will list her condo for sale.   Since I call every morning, I have a lot of these leads.  Leads that are going to list from one month to one year out.

Index cards?  No way, I would lose them.

My memory?  My memory is as good as a politician’s memory.

You need to systemize all your leads so that you are reminded of when to call a lead.

And what do they say?  You need to touch leads 7 times before they sign…how are you going to do it without a good CRM?

It doesn’t matter what type you use.  There are many good CRMs out there which you can use based on your budget and technical skills.

But get one!

Your prospecting time will be so much more productive.

Your income will increase.

Your efficiency will increase.

And you will be a rock star!

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