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This One Brain Hack Can Get You More Listings

Had a fun weekend hosting a dear friend of mine for 2 nights as she is moving today to Santa Fe permanently.  Happy for her, sad for us.  She has the largest network of sex offender clinics in the state of California.  She is great at dinner parties with her stories, too wild!

And there is one thing she, as a doctor of psychology, talks about with her staff and with her patients as the key to successful living.  The key for her staff and for her patients.  The key to relationships, business, health, etc.  One thing that is the most important.


And isn’t this the most important thing that ALL Epic listing agents need to work on constantly?  We HAVE to work on this as successful entrepreneurs at all times.

Tony Robbins says, “80% of success is mindset.  Only 20% is mechanics, a strategy.”

This is why the Top Producer Blueprint online course, which you can see here, stresses this throughout the course.

And the brain hack for you to get new listings? 

It’s called MEEJ.

Meditate.  Exercise.  Eat clean.  Journal.

I don’t care how you do this or in what order, but do these things every morning in some way shape or form.

It helps if you don’t drink alcohol or eat a heavy meal the night before.  I try to eat before 6 p.m. because I get up early in the morning, mostly by 4:30 to 5 a.m.

But HERE is the point.

If you practice MEEJ in the morning, you can’t help but feel great!  It gives you energy, it gives you hope, it gives you joy. 

Can you imagine starting your work day, starting your prospecting, calling your clients from this place of joy?  Your results and your production will be amazing!  You have a better chance of finding a new listing from this starting point.

This is NOT BS.

I am not perfect doing this, but again, most mornings, I am doing some version of MEEJ.

I know, you don’t have time, right?

Get out of bed 30 minutes early then.

So get off your happy butts each morning and start your day from a place of energy, hope and joy.

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