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One Key To Being A Great Listing Agent

It’s funny, but I can’t stop working my real estate sales business in San Francisco, even here from Panama.  Thank God I have a great team in place there and I’m still working on getting listings, selling the listings and generating future business, all of which I can do from here.

Many of you ask me why do I keep the sales business going when I could just concentrate on my real estate coaching?  

I guess the reason I can’t let my business go is that I really enjoy helping my sellers achieve their dreams.

I know it sounds corny.

But, I really feel like I am making a difference in sellers’ lives.  

It’s that passion for my business that really get me through the rough times.

So I would ask yourself, do you have that passion to be in this listing business?

Do you feel you are in the right line of work?

I was coaching a very intelligent person last month and we mutually decided that being a listing agent or just being in real estate period was not their calling.

At the risk of sounding trite, life is too short to be doing something you don’t like.

So, as you’re contemplating your New Year’s plans this upcoming weekend and thinking about your 2022, do some soul searching and decide for yourself if you have the passion to be an Agent Unleashed or not.

I want people in our group, The Agent Unleashed Collective, that are passionate about helping their sellers.  

There is no half-way here.  Just full-bore into being the best listing agent you can be.

Are you that person?

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