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Do This One Thing to Get Listings

I did my first open house yesterday.  Well, my first open house in a long time.  I can’t remember when I last did an open house.  Doing open houses are just not my thing.   Love talking to people, but don’t like carrying signs and sitting there when no one comes in.  Oy vey!

But I met some very interesting people doing the open house and started some crazy conversations with some people.

For instance, I asked some people what they did NOT like about real estate agents.

Some used some choice words to describe what they didn’t like about some agents.  Pushy, inattentive, unprofessional, sleazy were some of the things people said.

But the one underlying trait for all the comments was one thing.


Sellers want to be heard.  They want to know you appreciate their concerns, their fears, their goals.

And let’s face it.  Some agents are very self-serving.  They talk a lot and don’t listen. 

If you are one os those agents, change your MO.

Ask questions of your sellers and then listen to what they are saying.  Repeat it back to them.  Empathize with them.  Relate to them.  Show them you care. 

This is how Epic listing agents develop trust with sellers. 

This is how they become comfortable with you.

This is how get listings.

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