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Your Pen Can Get You Listings

Had a crazy day yesterday, sold 2 of my listings and got a new listing as well.  Busy busy.  Was flying 100 miles an hour all day.  No wonder I crashed in bed at 8 p.m. last night. 

And you know what contributed to me getting the new listing?

A pen and paper.

One of things this seller was impressed with were my handwritten notes I sent out to them.  They said they never receive notes in the mail.  See, the pen is mightier than the sword!

I know many of you write notes yourself.  One gentleman I am guiding right now makes it a habit to write 5 notes a day.  That’s his goal.

Are you looking to set yourself apart from the crowd?

Send hand notes all the time.

I send notes to probate attorneys after I talk to them.  I write the same thing every time.  “Thanks so much for your time on the phone.  Please remember me for any probate referrals you might have in the future.  Have a great weekend!”

Send notes to your COI. 

Send them to your seller prospects.

Send them to your lover.

All these people will love you for it!

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