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Perfect the “C” Word To Get Listings

Had a busy weekend preparing a big listing for marketing soon and realized that everyone’s taste isn’t like mine.  What can’t people just do what I say!?  LOL!

And one thing I say is that Epic listing agents always do one thing to get listings.

Consistently prospect.

I am so tired of hearing how listing agents try a new prospecting method for 3 days, claim it doesn’t work and then start thinking of other different ways to get listings.

I love it when a listing agent really commits to 3 prospecting methods to get listings and then sticks with them.

I have been calling my SOI (sphere of influence), probate attorneys and other service professionals for many many years every morning Monday through Friday between 8ish to 10:30ish.

Am I perfect in doing this?  Nope.

Do I feel like crap if I don’t do this?  Yep.

I have conditioned myself and made it a habit to prospect using 3 methods for a very long time.

The most important take away is to develop the habit, and do it consistently.

And then I hear, “But Chris! I have kids, I have yoga, I have (fill in the blank).”

Listen, I get it.  We all have stuff to do.

But your job as a salesperson, as an Epic listing agent, is to prospect for new listings.

That is your main job.

Not doing files, not doing buyers, not going to sales meetings.

Prospect consistently. 

Go on listing appointments.

Sign contracts.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Everything else is non-revenue producing junk that that should be deferred, delegated or deleted from your schedule.

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