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Pivot Like A Champ To Get Listings

I just got back to San Francisco last night and had a screwy flight, I had to be nimble and quick to change some flights around.

And we have to be nimble and quick in our marketing to get new listings as well.

I have always maintained that every Unleashed listing agent has to be doing a minimum of at least three types of marketing for new listings.

I personally am working expireds, working my SOI and calling probate attorneys.  I enjoy doing all these things and I am doing them consistently.

For whatever reason, if I felt these methods weren’t working for me, then I would certainly pivot and do something else.

At one point, I hired someone to identify probates for me at the courthouse and I followed up with those heirs and their attorneys.  I met with some success, but it wasn’t ultimately worth the time and expense in my mind.  Maybe this approach would work better in your market?

But the point is, that I didn’t beat myself up over the mediocre results and keep doing this marketing.  

I pivoted and did something else.

CAUTION:  This is not to say that you shouldn’t consistently do a type of marketing for a while to see if it works.  Consistently do your marketing for a while, at least for a month to three months and evaluate your results.  Don’t do something for a week and say it doesn’t work.

And if it doesn’t work, pivot into something else.

Many of us just keep doing something even if it doesn’t bring us any results out of insecurity or whatever.  

Or we stop doing it and DON’T pivot to other types of marketing.

So be consistent, give the marketing method its due course, always be evaluating your results and remember you can pivot whenever you want.

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