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Do This For Real Estate Income Security

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!  We are just chilling and getting organized for our upcoming trip to Colombia.  Probably go see a movie later.   Love relaxing days like this.

Funny, one of my friends asked me recently why I just concentrate on listings.  I think for a reason that is a concern for all real estate agents.

Income security.

You see, I was in real estate working with anyone that walked through the door for about 10 years.  And then I received one of the worst phone calls someone can have.  My partner of 15 years had brain cancer. 

I was devastated. 

In and out of comas, the prognosis wasn’t good.  Hooked up to dialysis machines with failing kidneys, unconscious for 3 weeks, it was just heartbreaking.  After a year in the hospital, a year that I don’t remember because I was catatonic most of the time,  he finally finished chemo and all the operations and treatments and was on the mend.

And after 5 years is in remission, he is healthier than a horse!  We are so blessed. 

And you know one of the things I learned?

I learned so many things about worry, stress and living.  But the one thing I decided to do was to concentrate only on listings in my business.

I wanted to be an Epic listing agent.

And why? 

Because I believe we all have a never ending nagging feeling about income inconsistency and security. 

And working a listing business is a better way to have a more consistent and secure income.  You’re always part of the deal. And it seems it’s less work than working with a buyer.

So consider concentrating more on listings this year,  in your marketing and in your prospecting.  It will afford you a better lifestyle and a more consistent and secure income for you and your family.

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