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Is Your Routine Killing Your Listing Business?

We are going crazy getting ready for our flight to Brazil which is leaving in about six hours and it’s reminding me of how nuts it is to get ready for a trip while you’re super busy.  You know how it seems you get a lot of business right before a vacation?  This past week I have felt like a one-armed paper hanger!

This really underscores for me the importance of health as an Epic listing agent.

How do you take those 5 a.m. conference calls (yep, had one those this week)?

How can you have the energy to meet with sellers at 8 p.m. (had to do that also which killed me)?

How do you stay calm when you have one of the biggest escrows in your career go off the rails and your client is upset and yelling (check, that happened as well)?

Here is what I do everyone morning to make it through the mishegoss:

Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes.

Get up and have a cup of warm lemon water to detox my body.

Do 400 crunches and 2 yoga poses.

Dress without thinking and head to the pool, doing at least 25 laps.

Come home and make my spinach/ginger/blueberry shake.

Journal and write out my goals.

BAM!  Ready for the day in spades.

Am I 100% perfect at this routine…  But that is my goal.

I think the key is to make a routine of your own that nourishes your body and soul.

And the KEY word is “routine”.  Strive to do it everyday (ok, at least 6 days a week). 

In doing so, you will be able to handle the craziness of your rocking Epic listing business.

You will feel better.

You will look better.

You will be better.

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