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Say This To Get Listings From Past Clients

Had a very fun call with Patty Marken, one of the members of the Top Producer Collective, talking about making pasta sauce from scratch.  We were laughing like crazy about our trials and tribulations of our experiences, some good, some bad.  Too much fun!

And after a good probate attorney conversation, she mentioned a great idea which we could all use to get listings and providing great client service.

Call your past clients up in Dec and Jan and say one thing that will certainly pique their interest.

“Have you had your yearly equity check with your property?”


Hit up Patty Marken for all your Sonoma County, California referrals, she is an amazing experienced listing agent!  You can reach her at [email protected] or at 707.495.6719.


I love this for a number of reasons. 

This is a great reason to call your past clients.

Our clients check their investments monthly at least, why not their investment in their property?

Many of them have a large part of their net worth tied up in their home’s equity, so they are super keen to know what it is.

You’re being proactive and providing great client service to them which they’ll love.

And you’ll find out what their moving plans are.

If they say they want to know, kick out a quick CMA from the MLS and send it to them with a nice note.


You look like a star in their eyes!

And you may get a new listing as well.

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