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Say This To Get Listings

Went to see a play last night with some friends because one of my past clients is an actress and she was starring in it.  It was super fun to see someone you know in a play.  One of the themes, one of many, in the play was “what do you say”.

Which is funny, because I spoke with a few coaching clients in the last week and they all had the same question, “what do you say” to prospects.

So, here is what I say in various circumstances:

To my SOI:  Either on the phone, on voicemail or in person, it’s some variation of, “You know our real estate market is so crazy in San Francisco right now because we need more listings to sell.  So if you know anyone who might be selling, give me a call.”

To probate attorneys:  On voicemail or on the phone, “Chris Stafford here with Compass real estate and, you know me John, (giggle giggle) I just want to stay on your radar for probate referrals.  What clients do you have now that may need a real estate agent.”

To expired listings:  On the phone or in person, “Chris Stafford here with Compass real estate and I see your home was taken off the market recently.  When do you plan on putting it back on the market?”

To FSBOs:  On the phone or in person, “Chris Stafford here with Compass real estate and I see you’re trying to sell your home yourself.  Can I send you any forms or information about the best way to sell your home in this market?” 

These are just some examples of what I say when prospecting.  There are many ways to say, “Can I help you”.  And most lead to an organic conversation about what’s going on in real estate and how you can help them.

My approach to talking to people as you can see isn’t very douchey and more of wanting to be of help.

Take my examples and make them your own.

But most importantly, get on the phone and say something.

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