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Scratch Backs To Get Listings

I had a reset weekend which was so delicious.  Last week was way crazy with getting listings ready and a large buyer sale and I went into the weekend totally fried.  So it was nice to spend some time with friends, worked out, meditated and did some reading. 

Two of the listings we’re getting ready for sale came from referrals, which I love getting.

Want a great way to get more referrals?

Give them out.

You see, I’m really in this hot referral space where I am receiving some good referrals from my SOI.  And nothing solidifies your referral base more than to give them referrals in kind.

I just gave my best contractor a $6 million referral to a 2 unit building remodel here in SF that an acquaintance of mine has been working on getting permitted for the last 2 years.  It’s going to be a big project.

And it’s not a coincidence that this contractor has given me a ton of referrals.  He once introduced me to a Dad who works at a high tech company that bought one condo for each of his 3 children.

So the best way to get referrals is to really look at your SOI and figure out how you can get them business.

This includes, and is not limited to, your contractors, your probate attorneys, your estate attorneys, your CPAs, your insurance agents, etc.  You get the picture.

Scratching their back with referrals is probably the most powerful way you can almost guarantee referrals back to you.

And isn’t it a great feeling to be helping out your peeps with their business?

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