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Sell Vacuums Or Get Listings?

Want the answer to an AMAZE-BALL career in and life in real estate?  Get a good night sleep, start your day with working out, a healthy breakfast and then do the most important thing you have to do that day first.

There, now you know the secret to life (yea, like I’m qualified to answer that!)

And do you know the most important thing that needs to be done in being an Agent Unleashed?  The most important thing we all (myself included) need to get better at?


One trite expression is “the money is in the followup”.  Then why do we all suck at this?

I guess it’s because it’s not sexy, or exciting, or we’re afraid of the answer or whatever.

But we have to be damn good at this! 

What’s the point of calling expired listings, or knocking on doors, or getting leads on social media if we aren’t going to call them and close the deal?

And I get it.  I have an amazing calling session with expireds or my SOI and find a lead, put them in my CRM and then, BAM, don’t followup.

One thing I do now every time is put EVERY lead into my CRM and task them to call them back in half the time they say they will list their house.

And then, here is the key, I make my lead followup a PRIORITY every day.  Before I do anymore lead generation, I hit my task list first. 

Jump on the phone with me to analyze how you can be better at following up with leads here!

So figure out a way to make your lead followup a priority every day.  If you don’t, then just start selling vacuums door to door.  I don’t think there is anything to followup with those sales. 

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