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Shiny Objects Are Only Good For Loose Women And Hot Cars

Lots of crazy things happening with my listing business this week, some good, some not so good, but in the end, it’s all good, right?

I almost spent a shit-ton of money on a lead gen service that promised me the moon.

Ever happen to you?  Something so good to be true, you want to believe it?  Can we say, another “shiny object”?

Here’s the deal….stop spending money on BS items to get out of doing what you know you have to do.

Some agents just do referrals.  Some work expireds.  Some are killing it with probates.  Regardless of which way you’re getting listings, WORK IT!

There is NO substitute for getting out and, you, yourself, prospecting.

We are all trying to find the next shiny object that is going to make our lives easier. 

Guess what?  None of those things are going to keep you from calling your past clients.  Or knocking on doors. Or calling expireds.  Or doing Facebook ads.

Whatever way you choose to get listings, you have to do the work.  This is what Unleashed Agents do.

Listen, I get it, I am prone to the shiny object syndrome as well.  I have to catch myself from being seduced by the “next big thing”.

So save your money and your sanity and get to work. 

You know what you have to do.

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