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Should You Be Committed?

Wow, it’s such a  commitment to your goals to sell a house to achieve your dreams.  All of us here in the Stafford household are running ragged getting this building on the market.  Makes you appreciate how our clients feel.

And as many of you know, being committed is something we all need to be in our listing business. 

Some of us “say” we want to be an Epic listing agent.

Some of us “say” we are going to master expired listings or probates or (fill in the blank).

But many of us are not willing to make the commitment to do so.

And without commitment you have nothing.   As Peter Drucker said, “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but not plans.”

So don’t “hope” your way to being an Epic listing agent.  Or don’t “hope” your way to being an expert in a certain prospecting method. 

Make the commitment to do so.

And to me, commitment is the undying passion to make something happen. 

I know when I really want something to happen in my life, I CANNOT stop thinking about it.  I visualize it, I breathe it, think non-stop about it, I talk about it to everyone, I plan for it and I just generally become consumed with it.

That is commitment to me.

What are you committed to?

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