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Shower Your “Army” To Get Listings

Hope you had a great weekend, this week is going to be a whirlwind of listing activities, bringing 3 new listings on the market that require a lot of work to bring them to market.  So I was glad to be able to get some downtime yesterday.

And I just received an email from a die hard fan telling me about a listing opportunity down the street from where she lives.  She heard her neighbor say that they are tired of living in San Francisco and want to move out of California. 

I will be on this like white on rice!

I love it when I hear from my “army” of birddogs in the City telling me about listing opps.  This is a good way to hear about leads that you would normally never catch.  You too can cultivate your own “army” of die hard fans that can get you leads. 

Here’s how.  Go through your SOI and find a small group of people, past clients, friends, past referral sources, people that really like you, love working with you, are your staunchest supporters for whatever reason and then spoil them. 

Spoil them with phone calls, hand notes, lunches, dinners, surprise gifts or whatever you need to do to get them to join your army.

I originally started with 20 people in my SOI, so I started calling them my “Group of 20” (I now have more than 20, but still call them that name).  I tag them separately and shower them with affection, gifts, dinners, lunches, hand notes making a point to “touch” them once a month with something.

They love the attention and they are always trying to find me listing leads.

So create your own “army” and cultivate them into your biggest fans.  Unleashed listing agents are generals working with their armies to bolster their listing inventory.

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