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Social Media Only Works For Listings If You Do This One Thing

Just saw “Hamilton”, the Broadway musical last night on TV, what a great show.  And how smart are they with all the cool social media ads they have going.

And what else is smart is using social media for your Unleashed listing business.

But there is one way many listing agents have dropped the ball in using social media to get listing referrals.

It’s consistency.

I think it’s a great idea to get a Facebook business page for your listing business and load it up with fun facts about your market and cool listings you have or have seen.

Or do what one of my coaching clients does by posting a lot of quirky listings on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Or what another agent does, which seems like a lot of work, is to take a full-size human skeleton and pose it in pictures of listings she likes (bizarre, but it’s her schtick).

But to be successful in using social media, including paid advertising like Facebook ads, you have to be CONSISTENT.

Everyone, in all fields, has to be consistent in using social media.

I have seen so many listing agents start using social media and then they fall off and don’t post anything for weeks or months.  It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re going to go this route, then do it like any other prospecting method.  Be consistent.  It’s like saying you’re going to start calling FSBOs one day, do it for 3 days, and then stop doing it because it doesn’t work.

So be consistent in everything you do in life.

In your social media.

In your working out.

In telling your partner you love them.

Consistency is the only way it all works out.

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