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Something Really Bad Happened to Me

I know many of you think all is rosy in ” land”, but sometimes it happens.  Despite all your best efforts and consistent marketing, the curse that most of us go through at some point happens.  And it is happening to us right now. 

Our listing pipeline is dried up.

There, I said it.

At the risk of baring my soul, our listing pipeline is as dry as the Sahara.

I am not too concerned, because we have 2 super big escrows closing in the next 3 weeks.

In all honesty though, I had a “mini-meltdown” yesterday for about 20 minutes because my July and August aren’t looking so good if something doesn’t happen pronto.

And this happens every July and August in San Francisco.  We are not a school year driven market, most San Franciscans leave town and have no time for real estate in the City.

So am I concerned now?


First of all, we are doubling down on our marketing and our prospecting and calling our SOI, service providers and expired listings like crazy.

Second, at the risk of sounding airy-fairy, we believe the Universe will provide for us based on our efforts.

When you put so much positive energy and effort out there, it always comes back to you in spades.

Remember what I always say, it’s not the results of the day that determines your daily success, it’s your actions.

So if you are ever feeling like your pipeline is drying up, you have my permission to be concerned for about 20 minutes.

Then get off your happy ass and follow the Epic listing agent formula:

  • Be in a state of gratitude always.  From this place, great things happen.
  • Meditate/pray your future into existence.  This gives you peace of mind and confidence.
  • Work out every day.  This gets you to your best physical self.
  • Eat well each day.  This gives you the strength and energy you will need.
  • Then get on the prospecting horse and work your butt off to fill that pipeline as soon as you can.
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