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Stand Out In This Way And Get Listings

Just made plans to head back to Panama in a couple of weeks to take care of some business, super excited to get back. 

And just wrote a note to a friend who gave me a listing referral even though it probably won’t amount to anything.  It was super sweet she tried though. 

And one way for you to stand out as an Agent Unleashed is to do something that I love talking about that has a huge impact.

Writing hand notes.

I can’t tell you how many calls and emails I have received over the years from sellers that complimented me on sending out a hand note.

Very few listing agents do this.

Mixing up your prospecting by sending a hand note to your SOI once in a while instead of calling them or emailing them is very effective.

Sending a note after a listing appointment, after a client dinner, after seller closing, after you get into a fight with your wife, eh hum,  you get the idea.

I once received a listing that a seller told me was because of how special and cared for she felt by my notes.

So continue your prospecting full force this month.

And make hand notes a part of your arsenal in doing so.

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