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Start “Developing” Your Listings!

Just had a cool Zoom last night with a special kind of person that can get us new listings.  The listings are free to get and only take a little bit of time.  You know what they are called?

Real estate developers.

Developers are always looking for great pieces of property to develop and if you can be their bird dog for these properties, then you can usually make out when it comes time to get the listing when they sell.

I am listing a major house in the City by Summer’s end for this very reason.

So go out and find developers using word of mouth and talking to contractors you know.  Hell, I bet your sales manager knows some developers.

Call them on the phone or, better yet, try to get a meeting with them and ask them if you identify properties for them where they can add value, could you get the listing on the back-end.

Never heard of any developer say no.

I have done this in the past quite successfully and it works.

The kicker is, you HAVE to find them properties.

When I am driving around town, one of my main goals is to find dumps that need to be flipped or, better yet, demolished and built from scratch.  Then I run to my developer and show them the property.

Know what your developer clients are looking for and concentrate on those type of properties.

This can be super rewarding to you since you will be listing a property for 10X, 5X or 3X of what they bought it for. 

So get on their team.

Make yourself indispensable to them.

And the listings are yours!

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