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How to Surprise Your Listing Clients Into Submission

How fun it was to hang out with my parents in Detroit over the weekend.  They told me a lot of stories about my grandparents and great-grandparents.  One of the stories was how sweet my one great-grandfather was to my great-grandmother.  They told us stories of how he was always doing things for her as surprises.

And that is what Epic listing agents do.

They surprise their clients.

Surprising your sellers when they expect one thing and you give them something better is one sure way to stand out in their minds.

It’s like when I called the razor company that sends me razors each month and told them that my razor handle broke and won’t hold the razors securely anymore. I called them and a live person answered the phone (which right there surprised me), she apologized to me and sent out a free package of razors and TWO new handles.  Above and beyond the call of duty. 

I still tell this story to my friends.

How can you exceed your client’s expectations?

Can you leave them small gifts when you show their house?

Can you call them personally 3x a week after agreeing to email them once a week with an update?

Can you show them that you are doing more marketing than originally agreed?

This is how you standout.

These the experiences they will burn into their brain and they will recall it when it’s time for them to refer their friends to a listing agent.

So think outside of the box.

Take some time and figure out how you can surprise your you clients each week.

And then someone will remember your amazing deeds when they give you referrals.

Just like my parents remembering how sweet my great-grandparent was to my great-grandmother.

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