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“I first met Chris Stafford when he spoke at our local Association. I liked what he presented and I decided to go ahead and purchase his “Top Producer Blueprint Course”. I found the course to be jam packed full of helpful ideas and tips on ways of bringing in new business. Chris not only teaches the course, he also sells real estate for a living, unlike most of today’s real estate trainers. Chris has a contagious energy that energizes me every time I talk to him. I love his ideas because they work! I’m grateful that Chris is willing to share what works for him and you will too. Make Chris a part of your team – you’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Kendall

Security Pacific Real Estate

“When I started my Real Estate business, I was looking for magic to develop it, therefore I took a course at the Long Beach Expo regarding business planning/marketing. Chris was the speaker and his presentation motivated me in such a way that I purchased his course on site. The Top Producer Blueprint course is designed to teach the principals to start and/or grow a real estate business. It inspired and created positive energy to direct me towards my goals where the sky is the limit. This course satisfied my wishes and I was extremely pleased. I found out there wasn’t any magical way; with this course one can become a magician and do magic every day.”

Andre Gharibian

Broker, Lawyer, and Professor

“These philosophies are based on principles that resonate with me. Christopher is an ingenious strategiest who provides practical tools. Massive Abundance works… and I’m motivated like never before!”

Lisa Charlie, West Virginia

As Featured on ABC

Christopher Stafford is one of the most DYNAMIC people you’ll ever meet. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris professionally for almost 20 years. It was a given that he would create a program that would allow him to transfer his knowledge and help others. His mind is literally BURSTING with ideas and PROVEN methods to help you achieve what it is that’s important to you in selling real estate. He’s an ENTHUSIASTIC and ENGAGING speaker, and from the moment he’s done with his presentation, you’ll leave full and satisfied, and ready to begin your journey to being MASSIVELY ABUNDANT.

Derek Chin

Top Producer, Compass Real Estate

Christoper Stafford is an excellent resource for building your listing business, but it’s not just your production numbers he cares about. It’s making sure you balance your life which creates the right mindset to become the epic listing agent you desire to be! Highly recommend….and he’s really funny too!

Michele Bailey

Homes on 30A

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