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The Most Fun Way To Get Listings

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Early on in my real estate career, I did one thing that was super fun and got me listings right away.

I joined business groups.

There are a lot of business groups in your community that would love to have you join where you can mingle and meet new professionals in your town.  

Some people feel this is getting out of their comfort zone.  Screw that!

Meeting new people while improving your skills is an amazing way to have fun and get listing referrals.

There are all kinds of groups you could join.  Rotary clubs, Toastmasters, Business Exchange Groups, etc.

For a very long time when I was starting out in real estate, I was in Toastmasters and a Business Exchange Group.  I met super cool and fun people and really made me get out of my comfort zone.

It’s a great way to meet new people, increase your SOI and start advertising to the world you are in real estate and you LOVE listing referrals.

So do some research in your town.  What groups can you join?  What areas or groups would excite you?

You won’t regret it!

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