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THE Most Important Aspect Of Any Listing Business

I recorded a Facebook live video on Saturday and one listing agent reached out to me and asked what the most important thing to concentrate on in our listing business.  Because he felt he was floundering with his business and wanted to simplify everything.  I told him to concentrate on one thing.

Consistency.  Consistency in everything they do for marketing to get new listings.

I talk about this a lot.  Some agents think they can do one mailer, one Facebook ad, call expireds for one week and think that listings are going to magically appear.

As the old saying goes, “ If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent”.

When I started my business about 87 years ago, LOL, my sales manager really drilled this into me.  I started my whole business calling expireds and withdrawns.  And I called them (and still do) every morning for about 2 hours along with my SOI. 

Yes, after being in the business for over 25 years, I am still calling them.

I like doing it and it is fruitful.

So I find prospecting methods that I LIKE to do and only do those and do it on a consistent basis.

And no, in all these years, I can only remember a handful of people that were verbally abusive to me on the phone.

So here’s the gig and it’s super easy.

Find what you like to do and keep doing it.

If you’re into open houses, God bless you, keep doing them. (I am not a fan of doing them but people that are good with them get a lot of business, but I digress).

If you’re into calling around listings and sales in a neighborhood, keep doing it.

If you’re into social media, keep doing it.

This is what Agents Unleashed do. 

Whatever you’re into and is fun for you, be consistent and your pipeline will be full!

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