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The Most Important Thing You HAVE To Do To Get More Listings

Just back from an amazing mastermind with my good friends in Connecticut where a lot was learned by all.  There were so many great ideas for all of us entrepreneurs, so many in which I will start implementing. 

There was one common theme we kept coming back to time and time again.

And this one thing is a problem for all of us Epic listing agents.  There were people in my group who are making over 7 figures A MONTH and they still suffer from this affliction.

Taking action.

So many of us, including some very successful listing agents that I have been coaching for years, suffer from this affliction.  I myself have times that I overanalyze and procrastinate on even the simplest of items.  We all do.

Without action, there is no success in our world.  As Epic listing agents, we CANNOT increase our listings and our production if we don’t take action.

So here are some ideas from some reading I have done to help us get off our happy butts and take action.

One is to meditate.  Give your mind a break from your fears.  I’ve found that the more I meditate, the less I think about how I’m going to do something; I just do it.

Commit your action to words.  Write down what you want to do.  Then write down what scares you about doing it.  If you see your fears on paper, can you begin to understand them and work past them.

Realize that failure is ok.  If you fail at something, don’t make it terminal.  Figure out what went wrong and pivot into something else.  Like the saying goes, “You’re only a failure if stop trying”. 

Learn as you go.  The leader of our mastermind group makes more money in one month than I make in one year.  His motto, when he runs up against failure is, “We’ll figure it out.”  Such a simple and powerful phrase that takes the power of the emotion away from your fears.

And most importantly, take small actions.  I always say that taking baby steps consistently will lead you to greater confidence and to taking more action.

So these are some ideas to use to broaden your prospecting.  Whether it’s wanting to start knocking on doors, understanding Facebook ads, calling your SOI, etc.

DO NOT remain idle.  Start small, understand your fears around it and see if you can use these ideas to propel you to massive success.

Because I know you are a badass listing agent. 

An Epic listing agent.

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