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There Is No Alternative To Getting Listings Than Practicing This

We had a super fun Zoom call with my niece who lives on the East Coast recently. It’s so exciting to listen to a 21yo talk about their life plans and goals and what dreams they want to make happen.  She asked me the one trait that one needs to be successful in life.  There are so many, but one just hit me like a ton of bricks and I told her.

And it’s the same thing that is needed to be an Unleashed listing agent.


There is no question that we all need to persevere in our business and in our marketing.  So frequently, we don’t put the time into our marketing and let negative results in the biz get us down.

I am listening to a podcast right now with Daymond John, the millionaire from the TV show, Shark Tank.  He has some amazing stories about how he took years and years to become successful with his clothing line and he is now worth about $250 million.

He had many hard years, living out of his car for 2 years, and he never gave up.

And what do we do?  We place a Facebook ad or start knocking on doors for one week and say, “Oh, this doesn’t work”.  Really?

Listen, I have done some marketing in the past where the results sucked big time.  Like really bad.  Like spending $1,000 a month for an ad in a real estate magazine for six months which got me nadda other than feeding my ego for six months.

But the key in that last sentence is SIX MONTHS.

I didn’t do it for one month and say that doesn’t work.

So we have to give our marketing efforts some time.  I think at least a couple of months, preferably 90 days.

So persevere. 

In your listing marketing.

In your Unleashed listing business in general.

In your life. 

Because, what’s the alternative?

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