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These Listings Are Not Worth It

Had a productive week this week getting back in the groove.  Signed up a couple of listings and ratified another listing, so life is good.

But sometimes you can’t win for trying. 

We had one listing where we did everything right.  Unbelievable open houses, our internet and marketing strategy was spot on and we had motivated sellers.  Nothing could be better.

And then we realized our sellers were whack jobs very early on.  They changed.

They micro-managed us to death.  They were super unrealistic with what they wanted and all indications were that this great listing experience was turning slowly into a shit show.

And then BAM, we brought them 3 offers, all near the same price, which were very good and they refused them all.

They wanted more money.  More marketing.  More open houses.  More feedback on why they weren’t getting their price.

And this surprised us all because they went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

And it freaked us out.

So we gave them back the listing. 

We were honest with them and told them that we didn’t appreciate the micro-managing and it appears the market is telling them the value of the listing.

Showing it more, doing more marketing and more open houses aren’t going to get them more money after 3 months on the market.

Of course, they blamed us.  Said nasty things.  Vulgar language and tried to humiliate us.

And I was having none of it.

Life is too short to have to deal with crazy ass clients.  Especially when you have other clients and other listings that value your opinion and are realistic as to what their properties are worth.

So when your clients go off on you, or are not motivated, or change their tune during the listing period, take a hard look on whether you should fire them.

Usually, the right thing to do is to cut them loose and not put up with their aggravation.

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