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These Two Things Are Going to Get You the Listing

Hope you had a great weekend!  I am still at a friend’s house while our building is being readied for sale and it’s frustrating sometimes living out of a box while life continues to swirl around you. 

I went to a listing appointment this weekend and I didn’t go in my uniform of a sport coat and shirt because I can’t find my clothes, can’t find my watches, can’t find my shoes, quite comical actually.

But I did come with one thing though. 

Confidence and vulnerability.

Those two things will most often than not get you the listing.

Sellers want confident listing agents who know what they are talking about.  Simple as that.

And when listing agents are talking, sellers want to connect with them.

Connecting with a seller is easy when you REALLY listen to them.  Ask them genuine questions, questions that show you care.  Questions about their dreams, their fears, their goals.

And then LISTEN.  Don’t be thinking to yourself about what you’re going to say next.  Really listen to their answers.  Repeat it back. 

And the key?  It’s to relate your own personal experiences to them about THOSE answers.  Be vulnerable with them.  Show that you care.

I had one seller tell me they were selling to be closer to their parent that had cancer.

I told them about my own partner who is a cancer survivor.  We had a moment, with tears in our eyes, where we really bonded.  We really connected.  And began a professional relationship and a friendship that continues to this day.

This is all a lot easier to do when you send sellers a pre-listing package like the one I use (hit me up if you want a copy) that shows how brilliant you are, with testimonials and a market plan, etc. so you can spend time with them in person talking about them.

So, step up your listing appointments.  Send info in advance. 

Be confident in what you can do and how you answer questions. 

Be vulnerable with them.

This is what they will remember about your meeting. 

Sellers won’t remember that you are number one in sales, blah, blah, blah.

They will remember how you made them feel.

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