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These Types of Listings Will Drive You Insane

It’s great to be super aggressive about getting listings. But it’s also vitally important that you qualify the listings as well. 

And that usually comes down to understanding the seller’s motivation.

I always say that I am in the business of selling listings, not listing listings.

I don’t care if I have a huge inventory of listings.

I do care about having a huge inventory of listings that are sellable.

I was talking to one agent in New Mexico who was sort of bragging to me about how many listings she had.  It was a high number.  And I asked her how many will sell.

She said probably a few.

WTF?  I don’t really see the point of getting listings, in this market especially, if they are just going to sit on the market.

“But Chriiiiiiiiis!”  (how many times have I heard that!)  They will sell eventually!

Yes, but at what cost?  Your marketing budget?  Your sanity?  Your time?  That stuff all adds up!

So, even though we are in a great market in many parts of the country, we still have to prequalify our listings and take them at the right price.

Or they will drive you crazy!

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