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These Types of Sellers Can Bring You Many Listings

Having a great week, just signed another new major listing which is making papa bear very happy!

And I got this listing from working with a very special class of sellers.


Developers in your city can be a great source of listings.  Especially if you cozy up to them.

And there is no better way to cozy up to them than to find them developmental projects.

What I have always done in San Francisco is find developers who will work with you once you find them a project and then they redo the property and then list it with you.

And what’s key is to find a developer that is loyal to you if you find them the project.

And if you find them a property, you can represent them as the buyer of it and then represent them on the sell side.  BOOM!

I have been working with this one company for years.  I found them one rundown house in the city.  I listed and sold the finished product and made them a lot of money and they have been loyal ever since.

So find developers in your area and introduce yourself to them.

And there is no better intro to a developer than to tell them you have this great piece of property that is prime for rehabbing.

So keep your eyes open for rundown properties and show them to your local rehab guys and make friends and listings for life!

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