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This Approach To Your Health WILL Get You Listings

I have been super good eating all the right things, going mostly vegan’ish, not doing sugar and working out lately.  Lost some weight and feeling pretty damn good. 

And then, BAM, I see a take out taqueria where I ate a burrito the size of my head.  I had a “moment”.  Ugh!

I truly believe that having and running an Unleashed listing business requires a very holistic approach.  You cannot run a truly amazing business if you are not at peak physical performance.  Your health is everything.

I was talking to a private coaching client on the phone the other day and she was very bummed that she wasn’t achieving her numbers.  She was putting the effort into getting new listings but she wasn’t getting a lot of results back.

I asked her about her physical health and I was shocked.  No kidding, she’s about 30-40 pounds overweight, she’s on a “new diet” that consists of eating a lot of fat and no carbs.  How does that translate to her?  She’s eating an awful amount of red meat, bacon, and processed meat and not working out.  And fast food creeps into her daily regime as well.

Trust me, eating McDonalds will NOT get you listings!

As you can imagine, I freaked out.  Many of you have taken my Top Producer Blueprint online course and know that your health is critical to an Unleashed listing agent.

I wanted to say to her, are you high?!  And who am I to talk?  (Ok, I have recovered from my burrito moment)

All that red meat and processed meat and fat CANNOT be good for you.  How about the reasonable man approach?  She said, “But my niece is a doctor on the East Coast and she said a high-fat diet can help me lose weight”. 

I told her the last time I heard of someone going on this crazy diet they came down with gout.  Seriously.

You want the secret to lose weight?  Eat less and work out more.  Eat healthy foods.  Lots of whole foods.  Vegetables and fruits. Eat in moderation.  Smaller meals more often during the day.  And get your happy ass moving!  Work out.  Walk.  Swim.  Play a sport.  Move your body!

I don’t believe in diets.  I believe in making reasonable food choices, limiting your meat intake and working out.  Blah blah blah.  You have heard it before.  Stop looking for the magic bullet. 

When you live your life this way, you have way more energy to put in what I call “joyful” hours in your listing business. 

Remember, as I have always said, if you want an Unleashed listing business, you have to work on getting listings, sure, but you also have to take care of your health, your relationships, your spirituality and your money.

All these factors come together to make you the best person you can be.

And if you want to talk to me in person about how your life choices are affecting your business, hit me up here and let’s set up a time to talk.

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