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This Brain Hack Will See Your Way to New Listings

Had a great week, sold 2 listings I have, one of which sold in 2 days with 2 pre-emptive offers.  The seller asked me if it was all right if we did NOT do any open houses.  I tried to restrain myself from saying HELL YES (those who know me know I don’t like doing open houses). Gotta love those kinds of listings.

One of the things I do all the time is to visualize my results in doing something.

Visualization, as you probably know, is a great way to calm yourself, supercharge your goals and have fun.

And it can be super powerful.

In one notable study that appeared in the North American Journal of Psychology in 2007, athletes who mentally practiced a hip-flexor exercise had strength gains that were almost as significant as those in people who actually did the exercise (five times a week for 15 minutes) on a weight machine.

I love visualizing my end goals.  It makes me excited and I believe really helps me bring my goals into fruition.

So use this to help you get listings.

And if you really want to supercharge your visualizations, make sure you do the following:

  • Use all your senses – this can help you and make it more fun.
  • Be the star – make sure you are in the act of doing, not just observing.
  • Practice – keep doing it to get better.
  • Write it down – I like doing this because it makes it more real.
  • Be specific – really get into the specifics of what it looks like, and how you’re acting.

Visualization is a great prologue to you working your goals.

Just make sure you have fun with it.

Visualizing brings me joy and I have always said, in a state of joy, you can do anything.

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