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This Brain Hack Will Get You More Listings

Now that I am all fired up from my Connecticut mastermind, I am ready to hit the ground running today, implementing some new changes to the business.

And I talk a lot here in these emails and especially in the Top Producer Collective about how to get new listings, specific strategies we can use, etc. 

But there is one brain hack that is imperative for us to get a lot of new listings.

To stop and take time for ourselves in silence.

Interesting because, maybe it’s January and we’re all in reflective moods,  but I am talking to many agents that are taking time for spiritual reflection.

We are all running 100 mph in our lives, taking care of husbands, wives, kids, our business, family, you all know the drill.

But are we taking time for ourselves?

To lead a more conscious life?

Take the time, even 5-10 minutes a day to meditate, to pray, be by yourself in silence, go walking, whatever speaks to you. 

And think about the choices you’re making.  Are your choices supporting you in where you want to be?

Contemplate your goals, how you’re getting listings, your health, your family.

Through meditation or prayer or whatever silent time works for you, get clear on what you’re doing and what you want.

To me, this is conscious living. 

Not just running through life with our Epic listing business and waking up 10 years later and asking how the hell I got here.

Through silence with yourself, you can achieve anything.

Including getting a lot of new listings.

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