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This FREE Method Will Get You Listings

Hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend, in whichever faith you practice.  I spent some time with friends and definitely ate too much.  🙁

And there is one marketing hack that many Unleashed listing agents fail to do religiously.

Send emails.

I know that many marketing gurus say that email marketing is dead.  Well, I am here to tell you that that is BS.

Emailing your SOI is SO key in today’s day and age.  There is no better way to stay in touch with your SOI than to send WEEKLY emails.

I know, many of you will say that a weekly email is too much.  That your SOI will get mad at you if you do this.

STOP it!  Stop creating obstacles in your mind about doing this.  If you make your emails interesting, talking about the market, or about your new listings coming up, people love info like that.

As my dear friend Antea said, it’s like realtor porn.

I email my entire SOI weekly, usually on Friday, what’s going on in the market, any current news that may affect my San Francisco market, new listings, open house info coming up, etc.  If you want to see an example of what I emailed out, hit me up here!  I use AWeber to send out emails and there are tons of email platforms that are inexpensive you can use.

And not one person has ever called me or emailed me saying I am sending too many emails. 

And just this morning, one of my past buyer clients that haven’t returned my messages in the past 10 years or so, just emailed me that he wants to meet about listing his property for sale.  BOOM!

So don’t be a wus and talk yourself out of sending emails to your SOI.  

Once again, put your big girl boots on and make this happen.

You will be glad you did and who knows how many more listings you can get this year because of it.

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