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This Habit Will Bring You More Listings

Having a great morning, kicking ass and taking names!  Had a great mediation, an intense swim, a healthy brekkie and a fun prospecting session. 

And I had a wonderful coaching call with a top-notch listing agent who asked me what was the number one key to winning in this thing called “a listing business”.

I said your habits.

You know, your habits really define you and really will define your future.

Everything about me is habits.

At the risk of getting personal, I have an addictive personality.  At one point in time, I was addicted to either drugs, alcohol, eating or spending money.

I learned long ago that addictions are just habits gone bad.

So why not turn those addictions or habits into positive experiences?

Develop the habit of calling expireds at a certain time each day.  Or forcing yourself to meet 2 new people a day.  Or asking 3 people a day for referrals.  All of these things will get you new listings.

This is all about putting frameworks around your lifestyle.

When you frame your eating habits around a certain lifestyle, you will become stronger.  For me, eating vegan with some seafood works for my health.  For you, it may be something else.

When you frame your mornings around having to meet new people or talk to people you know for listings, it will make you more financially strong, because you will get more listings.

Habits take 21 days to develop and stay strong.

What habits can you implement in your life now that will make you stronger in all areas of your life?

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