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This HAS To Be Your Number One Priority In Your Listing Business

Had a super productive time in Panama, was busier than a one-armed paper hanger!  We got our legal residency, open bank accounts (no small feat in a foreign country) AND bought a condo.  Not bad for a week’s worth of running around, no?

But one thing I didn’t do while there was follow my health regime.

And I am feeling it this week.

One of the greatest brain hacks for a huge listing business is to maintain your health. 

No secret, if you don’t have your health you have NO listing business.

And I really didn’t work out (other than walking over 10,000 steps a day while there) and, quite honestly, my diet was a little whacked out.

And within an hour of landing in San Francisco on Monday, I was on the phone with a client who was screaming about some nonsense and who brought my team to practical tears.

I was tired from traveling, not my physical best and I let this bozo get to me.

Had I been in top form, this stuff wouldn’t have made me pissed off. 

Your physical health is the greatest factor in making your mental health strong.

So make your physical health a priority.

Easiest way to do it?

Be conscious.

Be conscious of what you’re eating, what you’re drinking and how you’re working out.

This HAS TO BE your number one priority in life.

If it’s not, you’re going to be “dead in the water” (metaphorically speaking…..or maybe not).

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