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This HAS To Change If For You To Prosper In These Crazy Times

I had a great conversation with a Collective member about new actions and routines with the self-isolation many of us are going through with our virus crisis.  And we came to a new realization that Agents Unleashed need to address now.

We have to redefine our routines and what productivity means to us.

Most of us have routines/habits/structures around eating, working out, prospecting, etc.  Well, surprise surprise, since this whole country is on lockdown (or will be soon), our daily life has changed.

And we need to change with it.  Your definition of being productive and getting stuff done has to change.  

So don’t be afraid to change your daily routines around your life and business.  How you get through this world crisis is going to be defined by your routines that you change now.

Creating structure in your day and creating different routines in your day based on your current situation is going to be key now.

So you can’t go to the gym now.  So you can’t go to the office now.  Some of us can’t do open houses and showings the traditional way now.

So change what you do.  Create new routines around all of those things.  And then stick to it.

Hit me up here and I will tell you what that looks like for me and how I have changed my prospecting and daily life. 

Your routines are what define you.

And they are what is going to bring you success, even in these crazy times.

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