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This Is How To Call Prospects To Get New Listings

One of my passions other than real estate is traveling and airplanes.  I geek out on all the Boeing and Airbus news of new planes, new routes, etc.  One day soon hopefully, we will all be traveling again. 

And you know what else I geek out on? 

Getting listings from my FSBO and expired followup.

Had a call this week with a FSBO that I first called 3 years ago.  Yep, three years of calling this woman who inherited the property after her son died.

She’s a wonderful woman and she made one fatal mistake.

She kept talking to me.

My philosophy is, as long as they keep talking to you, keep calling them.

I know a lot of people say call prospects 5-7 times and then ditch them if they don’t sign on the dotted line.

But an Unleashed listing agent keeps calling if they keep making the right noises.

This woman was so sweet and asked me questions each time and really was appreciative every time I called. 

And then this week, I called her because she left me a message and said she’s ready.  After 3 years.

So keep calling your prospects if they are nice to you and are making the right noises.

You’ll never know when they will see the light.

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