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This is How You Become Rich Listing Homes

Hope you didn’t eat too much yesterday.  Is your dignity still intact?  Ha!  A lot of us overindulge on Thanksgiving with food and drink and it can be a little scary.

Another overindulgence can happen with spending money, especially with days like today, which the retailers call “Black Friday”.

Don’t do it!  Don’t overspend to impress someone or to make yourself feel good.  It’s not worth it.

I was just talking to a Top Producer Collective member on Tuesday this week about how listing agents won’t get rich from their business.

Sure, you have great flexibility with your schedule.  You’re the boss of your life.  You get to meet cool people.  You get to put deals together.  You can make a lot of money and afford a great lifestyle.  You make your clients tremendously happy. And there are many more benefits as well.

But you won’t get rich.

Epic listing agents know that your real estate commissions alone are wonderful, but that is not the way to accumulate wealth.

How you accumulate wealth is taking your commissions and turning into passive income assets.

The more you save, the more you can invest in rental properties, stocks, bonds, businesses, etc which all kick off a nice passive return in the long run and appreciate in value.

I have used my commissions over the years to purchase single-family homes in different states, that is my “thing”.

So, don’t overspend today or on “Cyber Monday” or any other day. 

Make it a goal of yours to be as successful in 2019 as you can, save as much money of your commissions as possible, and invest it.

This is how you will become rich.

This is what Epic listings agents do.

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