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This Is How You Get Multi-Million Dollar Listings

I just finished being interviewed for a super cool podcast which will air in soon.  We had way to much fun!  I know you may find this hard to believe, but I can come up with some pretty good bullshit sometimes.  Ha!  But there were lots of good nuggets in the interview, too much fun!

What else is fun is hearing how high-end listing experts get listings as well.

I remember interviewing Gary Gold in the Collective who, as I mentioned before, is a super listing agent in Beverly Hills, CA.  He sold the Playboy Mansion and was the listing agent of the Chartwell Mansion which sold for $150,000,000 (you might remember this house, it was the house the “Beverly Hillbillies” bought in the old 1960s TV sitcom).

I loved some of Gary’s takeaways. 

He talks to everyone he meets on the street, in stores, restaurants telling them he sells real estate.

He doesn’t indiscriminately send mailings and emails out to his database.  Just sends things out when he has something important to say, important info to give to them.

He concentrates on calling and working his listing leads, of which he has about 200 of them at any given time.

He said so many other things as well that were truly enlightening for all of us in the Collective.

As you can see, he basically keeps it simple, works his leads and enjoys being an Agent Unleashed!

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