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THIS Is How You Prospect For New Listings In Our Time Of Crisis

I had a fun virtual cocktail party on ZOOM video with many of my past clients and friends this past weekend where we just got together to talk about funny stories and things we’re doing during this “new” era we are in.  Lot’s of fun to do and to stay connected with your tribe.  Try it!

And since we are in this period of lockdown, many of us can no longer show homes, or can’t market homes the way we used to. 

But there are things we can do doing this time.

Of course, it goes without saying, we should all as Agents Unleashed be reaching out to our SOI and just asking them if they are ok, and if they need anything.

But what about doing the same thing with expired listings?  Or probate attorneys?  Or with whomever you used to prospect?

I was talking to a Collective member over the weekend and she was saying she thought it was in poor taste to ask for business during this time of crisis.

But there is no reason you couldn’t call an expired or a probate attorney or a FSBO and ask them how they are doing.  Do they need anything?  Checking in on them.

It doesn’t have to be a “when are you listing your home for sale” call.

It can be a compassionate caring “hope you’re doing well” call.

And guess who a prospect is going to remember once we come out the other side of this crisis?

So make your calls to your prospects, just make them from a place of caring and compassion and positivity.

You will stand out in their eyes.

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